Swiss Championship 2023

Swiss Dance Award 2022

Swiss Championship 2022

We would like to thank everyone who came and supported and cheered for us at this event.

Swiss Championship 2022

We would like to thank everyone who came and supported and cheered for us at this event.

European Championship 2022

One of the best dance results in Swiss history in Standard. 

Poly Ball #advertising

Poly Ball is one of the most prestigious public events in ETH Zurich. More than 9000 visitors come every year to participate in this classic dance evening. This tradition keeps yearly since 1880. This time our challenge was to be dance models for advertising in a completely new concept. Mirrors are all around us and as well on the floor and above us to create a 15-dimensional photo illusion. With every pose, we had to reach with our body parts all the walls to create and natural «infinity» effect. For 6 hours were working in this «mirror box» to get a perfect photo. The result is worth every single drop of patience of all professionals who were involved in to this art creation. 

Schweizer Meisterschaft 2020

Swisschampionship 2020. First dance back on the competition floor after so long time!
The result of the Championship is far away from what we hoped it will be… but we are happy with the development of our dancing, happy with the way, our way which we are going and we enjoyed every second out there on the floor, we hope the audience could feel it😍 No show, no theater, just pure dancing and excitement to be back out there competing!
thank to our one and only Sergey Belikov, we are making the impossible possible and without your support and belief we couldn’t stay so strong!!

Training in Moscow #Training

Some photos from Moscow. It is our working process with our beloved russian coach Sergey Belikov. He is a very special person in our lives, who truly loves dance sport and supports us on our way to the top. Besides his personal account already has several raised world champions! Never the less dance sport is a very tough discipline and we are very thankful to our coach-mentor for all the support, knowledge, and patience working with us. One day we will bring Swiss flag to the World Final Championship. 

Sommer Nachts Ball 18` #Show

It is an honor for us to participate in Sommer Nachts Ball, one of the biggest Swiss Culture events. Together with Pitt & Tiara we have performed Standard and Latin dance shows, which was a great fusion of dance styles as well as we are 4 of the most strong dance athletes in Switzerland. Thousands of audience and dance lovers were participating in this beautiful event. For the «desert» Yulia was performing one of the most sensitive dance choreographies with Jan Oliver Bühlmann, winners of dance TV Show Darf Ich Bitten 2018. Thank you, Migros and Tanzwerk 101 for organizing such a wonderful event. 

Andrew Lloyd Webber Gala #musical

New Musical in Switzerland. Lueg Arena represents Andrew Lloyd Webber Gala. In collaboration with fantastic dancers and signers from England, we had the experience to work with one of the world’s best choreographers Cris Baldock! For two weeks we were performing every evening several shows. Under the organization of Markus Müller, this gala got big success and has reached recognition on the international level. To perform in such a format was a completely new experience for us. But with all our love for musicals made it very easy and full of joy. Thank you everyone for this beautiful historical moment!