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Dance teaching &Coaching

We are not only active dancers, we also want to motivate others for this beautiful sport and give our knowledge to other dancers. For this, we work as dance teachers and work with couples of all ages and levels, in Standard as well as Latin. Proudly we can say that many of the couples we teach beyond the top of Switzerland!

Show Dancing

We love to perform shows! It is always a special atmosphere to dance a piece for which you could choose the music and work on for a longer time. The event can be a wedding, birthday, event of your firm, christmas party, concert or anything else you would like to glamour up with a special dance show.


Dancing is art, precision, elegance, strength, dynamic, communication everything you need for the presentation of any product, the presentation of YOUR product. And dancers are flexible we can not only change in terms of the colours we are wearing but also in our personality and mood. Everything to make the perfect advert for you.


Dance Groups & Cources

Standard Groups
Every Thursday at 20:30 (1.5 hours )In dance studio Dance Unlimited Zurich (Pfingstweidstrasse 101 8005 Zurich)

We are happily providing Standard groups to professional dancers and beginners in dance club DUZ (Zurich). More information about groups schedule please follow the link.

Privat lessons

Our experience is teaching couples of different ages and levels in Standard and in Latin. So far we have many students across Switzerland and we support them all the way their dance career and competitive dancing.

Beginner Groups
Every Wednesday at 18:00 (1 hour) in Dance Unlimited Zurich (Pfingstweidstrasse 101 8005 Zurich)

IF you are thinking to start to dance, remember that is never too late. You can join our Wednesday groups where many parents, students and senior come to learn basics of ballroom dancing

Kids Groups
Every Saturday at 9:30 (45 min) in dance studio Silbando (Förrlibuckstrasse 62, 8005 Zürich)

For small kids (from 3 to 7 y.o ) we offer our playful group classes where we learn fun dancing, coordination exercises, learning dancing to the music and basics of cha-cha-cha and slow waltz.

Standard & Latin Advanced Groups
Every Sunday at 9:30 (2 hours) in dance studio Silbando (Förrlibuckstrasse 62, 8005 Zürich)

For intermediate and professional dance athletes we provide workshops every Sunday, where we share all of our experience in Latin & Standard dance to develop a top performance and grew a professional dance career.

in addition we provide

- Wedding dances / Crush courses / Private Group lessons / Other styles like: Disco Fox, Salsa, Line Dance

About us

Competitive dancing
Our story begins in 2016. We decide to dance together.

For Yulia this is the first partner change, for Vova it means to pack his things and come to Switzerland. Today we are several times National Champions and represent Switzerland on world arena, World and European Championships.

About our Students
12+ Swiss Champions

Beside our dance career, our goal is to develop strong dance culture in Switzerland and gain wold recognition to the Swiss dance athletes. Today we raised several national champions in each age category and keep supporting their career on international arena.

shows & Modeling
All the highlights you can find in gallery and Blog

Yulia is the winner of "Darf Ich Bitten" (Swiss version of Dancing with the Starts) together with Jan Oliver.
Together we have big experience in creating & performing shows such as: Andrew Lloyd Webber Gala /Video promotion of producs and events / Sommer Nachts Ball Show / Show on Samsung arena and more. Our students could also prepare professional dance shows for your event.

About Us

YUVO in numbers

TiIl 1st place in the World Ranking94.1%
Raised champions 12+
Passion to the Dancing 100%
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