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Dance teaching & Coaching

Beyond our roles as active dancers, we are passionate about inspiring others to embrace this beautiful sport. As dance teachers, we share our knowledge with couples of all ages and levels, specializing in both Standard and Latin dances. We take pride in the fact that many of the couples we've had the privilege to teach have risen to the top ranks in Switzerland and beyond!

Pro-Am Dancing

Introducing ProAm Dance Experiences! Elevate your dance journey as you join forces with us. Tailored for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts, our personalized lessons ensure a dance experience like no other. Dive into the rhythm, refine your moves, and discover the joy of ProAm dancing under our expert guidance. Step into a world where every dance is a masterpiece.

Show Dancing

We have a passion for performing shows! There's a unique joy in dancing to a piece where we select the music and invest time in perfecting the routine. Whether it's a wedding, birthday, corporate event, Christmas party, concert, or any occasion you'd like to add a touch of glamour to, we're here to create a special dance show for you.


Dancing embodies art, precision, elegance, strength, and dynamic communication—essentials for showcasing any product, especially YOUR product. Dancers, being inherently flexible, can not only adapt in terms of the colors we wear but also in our personality and mood. We aim to create the perfect advertisement tailored uniquely for you.


Our Dance Groups

Lady Style Group
Come learn Latin American dance steps and solo routines in a fun and friendly environment! Join us to groove and build confidence through movement. It is not about the technique only about rhythm and movement.

no special dress code, only comfortable wear.

Pampers Group
Group for kids(Ages 3-7): In this engaging class, we introduce kids to the joy of music, easy dance steps, basic coordination exercises, and a touch of gentle stretching. Join us for a playful and active experience!

Groups are 45 min.

Juvenile/Junior Advanced Group
Children Group (Ages 6-13). Join our group as we kickstart a dance education journey for children, laying the foundation for Latin and Standard dance competitions. Let's groove and grow together!

Middle-level technics, coordination, musicality and body-feeling skills

Performance Training
Competitive Dance Performance and Stamina Training: Elevate your skills with a focused two-hour session, guided by professional coaches. Enhance your competition performance through targeted exercises and stamina-building practices. Let's excel together!
Standard & Latin Advanced Groups
Intermediate and Professional Dance Workshops: Join us every Sunday to elevate your skills as a dance athlete. Our workshops, led by experienced instructors, delve into the intricacies of Latin and Standard dance. Gain insights, refine your performance, and nurture a flourishing professional dance career.

Every Sunday at 9:30 (2 hours) in dance studio Silbando (Förrlibuckstrasse 62, 8005 Zürich)

Standard Technic Groups
Competition Couple Standard Groups: Elevate your technical prowess and partnering skills in our dedicated sessions tailored for competition couples. Join us to refine your abilities and enhance your performance on the dance floor.

Every Thursday from 20:30 till 22:00 in Dance Unlimited Zurich (DUZ). Pfinstweidstrasse 101

Adult Beginner Groups
Adult Dance Class: Open to all, no partner required! Join us as we explore the fundamentals of all 10 Latin and Standard dances. Learn basic figures, enhance your coordination, and connect with the music in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Every Wednesday from 18:00 till 19:00 in Dance Unlimited Zurich (DUZ). Pfinstweidstrasse 101

In addition to our main offerings, we provide: Private Lessons Wedding Dances Crash Courses Private Group Lessons Other Styles such as Disco Fox, Salsa, and Line Dance

About us

Competitive dancing
Our journey began in 2016 when we made the decision to dance together.

For Yulia, it marked her first partner change, while for Vova, it meant packing his bags and relocating to Switzerland. Today, we proudly hold the title of National Champions multiple times over, representing Switzerland on the global stage at World and European Championships, as well as Grand Slams.

About our Students
12+ Swiss Champions

Beyond our dancing, we aim to spread the joy of dance in Switzerland and make our country known for its talented dancers globally. We've coached and guided numerous national champions in different age groups, ensuring they shine on the international stage. Our commitment remains strong as we support these dancers in their journeys. Join us in celebrating the power and beauty of dance!

Shows & Modeling
Yulia, alongside Jan Oliver, emerged as the champions in "Darf Ich Bitten," the Swiss version of Dancing with the Stars. Collectively, we boast extensive experience in crafting and delivering captivating shows, including the Andrew Lloyd Webber Gala, video promotion for products and events, Sommer Nachts Ball Show, and performances at the Samsung arena, among others. Moreover, our students are well-equipped to prepare professional dance shows for your special event.

Discover all the exciting moments in our gallery and blog.

About Us

YUVO in numbers

TiIl 1st place in the World Ranking94.1%
Raised champions 12+
Passion to the Dancing 100%


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