Darf Ich Bitten 2019

  • My biggest support during the time of «Darf ich bitten?» live shows! My dear dance partner @vovanchikkas running around to do what I can’t and supporting me everywhere and anytime, as well as my parents who keep my back free!!!

  • And of course, all my students cheering, voting, supporting, and having endless understanding if I am tired or have to move the lessons! Thank you so much! I could not do it without you! I love you all!
    Unfortunately, by far not everybody is in the photo!

    About last weekend 🙂 
    Yulia and her VIP Jan Oliver Bühlmann qualified for the Semifinal!!!! Thanks to everone for the big support!!!
    Did you watch it? How did you like it?
    What would you like to see from them in the next show???

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